Find Lost Pets

If you are still searching for your lost pet, please do the following:

Visit Your Local Shelter

File a lost report and walk through the shelter as often as possible because descriptions of mixed breed animals are hard to match.

Search Petharbor and Petfinder

These web sites are updated frequently with information on rescued pets and their whereabouts.

Make a Petfinder's Emergency Database (AERN) Lost Report

Provide owner's current contact info and complete description of animal and address where animal last seen, so if other groups rescue your animal, there is the best chance to locate and match animal with owner. 1-800-485-5152

Steps to making a "lost" record in Petfinder's Emergency database (AERN):

1. Go to

2. Click on: My Pets Need Help, I've LOST My Pet

3. Form opens in window. This is a long form. Most crucial information that MUST BE in the record to make it usable:

A. Animal Type (Dog/Cat)
B. Breed (select from list)
C. Gender (Male or Female, and whether animal is fixed)
D. Color, markings, special info: write good description of animal
E. Address info for where animal last seen (street, city, zip)
F. Owner name and CURRENT contact info
G. If possible add photo to record. Call 1-800-485-5152 for help.

4. Owners should make note of the Petfinder Record ID they have created, to assist in communications with shelters.

Local Petco stores have internet kiosks where owners can check Petfinder to see if they can locate their animal, and they could also make a "lost" record at Petfinder through this interface.

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