Keeping the Cold Out Warms Even the Heart

(12/11/12) By Lise McComiskey, Feral Dog Coordinator
Amelia at home

This morning, as I walked around the shelter, still quite cozy from the eight patio heaters disbursed throughout, and watched the pups as they stayed snuggled up on their blankets, I thought about where I was four years ago this morning.... I was sad that Amelia was shivering in an abandoned house. I and ARNO took care of Amelia the rottie for nine months on the streets until we could bring her to safety (read Amelia’s story), but it broke my heart that morning that I pulled up and it was snowing, yes snowing, in New Orleans, and Amelia was huddled inside on the bare floors of the abandoned house. By late morning, the bottom half of dog houses, stuffed with straw, were tucked under the house and blankets now covered the bare floors of the abandoned house. On any given day for the rest of that winter, that is usually where I could find Amelia, snuggled in her straw or on her blankets.

Since that day, Amelia is no longer on the street and she has a wonderful home and family of her own which she shares with two other dogs, one of them her daughter from a litter we rescued before her. (picture of Amelia, on the left, with her sister Pangea) Amelia will never be cold again. ARNO has helped many, many dogs since Amelia -- up to 7100 currently -- and we continue to help as many as we can and sometimes that means blankets in dog houses for dogs who live outdoors, propane to the tune of eight or nine tanks a night at the shelter, and of course, the blankets our own shelter dogs and love so much.

Please help ARNO out this winter, stop by and donate some old blankets, quilts, towels, comforters or take a bag or two offsite to launder so that we ALWAYS have clean blankets to share with our pups. Donate to ARNO because it really does take a community to keep all of our efforts on track.

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