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Juarez: A Kitty That Needs Help


(June 3, 2010)

The life of little Juarez started in a box found in front of ARNO’s door. Upon opening a beautiful little kitten was discovered who appeared relatively healthy. 

Within a day Juarez was nothing but a purrball waiting to be fed and held. The third day there was an obvious problem… a prolapsed rectum. It was so distended (over an inch-and-a-half) that a visit to the Emergency Room was warranted. Juarez went under anesthesia, and $400 later, had a purse string stitch holding her little rectum in place and was transferred to our treatment vet the very next morning.  

The purse string did not hold and it was redone… ten days later it needed to be redone again. Meanwhile the costs for this little girl have risen as she has remained in ICU at our vet and each time the stitching is redone she must be anesthesized. Another $600 has been incurred at our vet over the past three weeks hoping to fix Juarez’ problem without invasive surgery. 

Now she is facing the last time with two purse string stitches… the next step is surgery, and $1500 to fix her problem permanently. It will involve entering through the abdomen and pulling her colon forward and tacking it to the abdomen wall. A big surgery for just a little girl, and a very big expense.  

ARNO believes that Juarez’ life is worth saving. Please consider making a donation in Juarez’ name to help with her vet bills and surgery. 

Please Consider Helping Jackson


(May 14, 2010)

Jackson is a border collie/lab mix. He has
been at ARNO for a while now and he has Addison's Disease. He just spent two weeks in ICU and is now in a foster home because the shelter environment is taking a toll on his health. Jackson's medicine runs $250 a month and he must have it in order to stay alive. Please consider making a donation in Jackson's name to help with his medicine and vet bills. No amount is too small and every dollar helps! You can donate on our website - please note for "Jackson" in the special instructions.

"Spot" and the shot heard round the world... or at least by ARNO and you!


Spot before surgery

One can only imagine what Spot, a friendly, 50-pound rambunctious 11-month old puppy endured. About midnight on the night of December 7, 2007 in New Orleans east, an area still eerily containing miles of untouched devastation with little population, Spot was shot. A dog-fearing security guard fired the crippling bullet. Spot’s horror began as he was left to bleed to death and wait to die on the street. Through the blessing of a Good Samaritan and compassionate donors ARNO was able to assist this wonderful creature.

After Spot lay bleeding for no less than eight hours, he was found and rushed to a veterinary clinic where he was given life-saving treatment to stabilize his condition and relieve his pain. Radiographs the next morning showed Spot would need to have his leg amputated, and that meant additional costs. The only other option for Spot was euthanasia. A caring clinic employee was able to acquire ownership of Spot once it was determined that his owner did not want the burden of the bills nor a three-legged dog. The Good Samaritan set out to find anyone who would be willing to help Spot. After many doors were politely but firmly closed in her face, Spot's guardian angel finally pled his case to ARNO. ARNO had no funds to pay for the surgery and post-op treatment, and worse had no space to house him. But Spot was going to get that second chance at life anyway and so through the collaborative efforts of just one caring individual and ARNO, "Spot's Fund" was created. The story of Spot, a dog shot and left to die was sent out and with it, Spot's new life was just beginning. Within hours "Spot's Fund" was receiving donations from all over the country… from individuals and from corporate donors as well... Seems a spot was hit in many of our hearts and because of you, ARNO supporters, we were able to schedule that surgery at Ark Animal Hospital in Jefferson. Two weeks later on December 18, Spot joined us at ARNO to spend his recuperation loved and cared for while ARNO works to find the perfect match for this special dog. Spot will require an indoor home with a securely fenced backyard. Spot’s face and tail tell it all… he is very excited at the prospect of becoming a family dog.

Spot after surgery

In honor of Spot and Emily Roberson, the Good Samaritan who just knew that Spot should have another chance, and Lise McComiskey who ‘created’ the fund for Spot, ARNO intends "Spot's Fund" to become a permanent part of this organization. Donations to "Spot's Fund" go directly to cover the costs associated with Spot's surgery, medical treatment and rehabilitation. Any additional funds collected will be earmarked to help us save the lives of other animals, who like Spot, have no options without ARNO. Animals like Aubrey, the pitiful sarcoptic mange dog who needed long-term treatment and later tumors removed and treated, or Lynn, the kitten found on the street broken in so many places it was questionable if just one amputation would do the trick. Through the miraculous work of Louisiana Veterinary Referral Clinic located in Mandeville, the orthopedic surgeon saved both of Lynn’s legs. Pets like Monkey, the cat with the broken pelvis... Belle, the tiny kitten with deformed eyelids that is in our shelter right now waiting for ARNO to have enough funds to help her... Without extraordinary medical procedures all these animals would certainly face euthanasia. You make it possible for Spot, Monkey, Lynn, Belle and more to all have another chance at a happy life. Please consider sponsoring these animals and making even a small monthly donation to "Spot's Fund" so that ARNO can help those who have run out of options.

Aubrey before...

Aubrey after...


We will keep everyone updated on Spot, as well as other pets who receive extraordinary care that you help with your sponsorship donations. When using PayPal tell us in ‘special instructions’ that you intend your donation to go to “Spot’s Fund.” If you send us a check mark “Spot’s Fund” in the memo section. If you prefer to contribute directly to the attending veterinarian’s practice for ARNO’s Spot’s Fund, please email us and we will be glad to provide the information for you to contribute directly to the clinic providing services. Email us at and put “Spot’s Fund” in the subject line.

UPDATE ON SPOT! Just in time for the Holidays…

Spot has been adopted by a veterinary medicine student from Ohio State University and is going home with her for Christmas! We are thrilled… Spot is probably one of the sweetest dogs we have had at our shelter (course you know we say that about all of them!). He is beautiful, intelligent, loving and super sweet! This is the best Christmas present ARNO could ever get…

If you are interested in adopting one of our special needs pets, or any of our pets, please contact and tell us who you are interested in adopting. Or if you need more information about a certain pet, or just have a desire for a certain type of cat or dog… we can fill your order and get one more pet to a great home…yours!


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