Rescued dog
Photo: Heidi Poor

You've seen the pictures.

You've heard the stories, and felt the call.

You've read all of the information about our rescue operations.

Yet questions remain. And who better to answer those questions than our dear ARNO Ground Rescuers?

Volunteers, the heart of our operation. Who went. Came home. And some went again...

Experienced ARNO rescuers willing to talk to new volunteers before they head to New Orleans will answer your questions from the perspective of someone who has been there. Contact an ARNO Buddy to get your questions answered.

For travel and lodging information, please click here.

Rescued dog
Photo: Heidi Poor

ARNO Buddies:

ARNO Buddies General E-mail:

Cathy Ahern

Angela Andre
I can be an ARNO buddy.

Sonja Banjanin
I can be an ARNO buddy.

Donna Beach
908 591-4557
I can give some pointers based on my time in Gonzales back in September. I was in New Orleans daily doing rescues and setting up food and water stations. I am scheduled to arrive back in New Orleans on Nov 21 to help for 8 days.

Clelia Brigneti
651-487-8136 (home)
651-341-7350 (cell)
I would like to be an Arno Buddy, I went to NO for 1 week on November 6th.

Paola Brigneti
I would love to be contacted by people with questions. I wouldn?t change my experience in new orleans for anything on the world... I wish i could go again...

Jo Beth Britt
Vicksburg, Ms
I came into NO and helped two different weeks........worked with putting out food and water as well as at Winn Dixie...........if that is enough to be a contact .........I am willing..............

Judi Burnett
I?d be happy to talk to new volunteers. I was involved in doing feeding stations and the cat rescue at the trailer park.

Allison Campbell
406-232-2320, cell 406 853 3041
It would be my pleasure to help and answer questions for anyone traveling (or considering going ) to help ARNO. It was a very rewarding week helping the great people there. I wish I had stayed longer. I am still checking options to go back and do all I can to help again. Anyone traveling from near Montana :)

Feeding horse
Photo: Heidi Poor

Deborah Kemmerer Cottrell DVM
Newberry, FL 32669
352-472-7626 work
352-870-1136 cell
We can't go back for a third time, but I'll be happy to be an ARNO buddy.

Pam Cross
843-522-2919 (land line)
843-812-0561 (cell)
I was at the Best Friends Tylertown shelter, not in NOLA. But I would be DELIGHTED to be a buddy for that facility if needed. In fact, if I can find a buddy to ride share I'd love to go back. It was the most heart-breaking and most heart-warming experience of my life! Any animal lover who can possibly go should do so. They will never regret it--even if they freeze their rear ends off for a few nights.

Colleen Cullen
Can be an ARNO buddy.

Chris Daigle
504.301.5441 ? cell
I am willing to answer questions. I am no longer actively helping with feeding cause of work schedule, but will help best I can.

Niki Dawson

Laura Chamberlain Dedelow

Mary Lynne Elliott
Denver, CO
I returned from NOLA last week and would be very willing to talk to anyone going - it is a large commitment for many of us to leave our home/families/jobs/pets and spend the time and money to go - with little information about what to expect.

Linda Gage
I've been to NO twice (total of 3 weeks) and I'm heading back again. I think I'm leaving Nov. 27th (driving from NJ - 2 day drive) and staying at least 10 days. I would be more than happy to talk to any new people or help any way I can.

Lynn Gallimore

Monica Harris
Onemo, VA
I will be an ARNO buddy.

Stephanie Houfek
I have worked with Best Friends and have returned two different times. I am canine behaviorist, wild life worker and professional photographer.

Norma Ingold
I was in New Orleans from 11/7 to 11/16. Glad to help.

Rescued dog
Photo: Heidi Poor

Susan Klages
I saw the posting for ARNO buddies for volunteers and I would love to help. My trip to New Orleans left me with a new appreciation for life and what I have. It also clarified my need to pursue humane work. Feel free to forward my information to perspective volunteers. I am happy to provide support and answer questions.

Linda Klampfl
631 758 3396 (hm) or 516 383 8010 (cell)
Please list my contact information as an ARNO "buddy". I have been down there four times so know the details of how it works.

Geoff Kleine-Deters or Michele Kleine-Deters
Vancouver, BC. Canada
I have just returned from NO, my wife is still there. I am willing to help.

Wendy LeSage

Frank McMillan, DVM
8807 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Cell 323-422-8448
I just got back from New Orleans and would be happy to be an ARNO buddy.

Jan Mintun
(704)913-4882 Denver, North Carolina
Yes, I can be an ARNO buddy. I have spent 8 days at the Best Friends/St. Francis Sanctuary in Tylertown Mississippi and 4 days in New Orleans with ARNO. Let me know if there is anything I can continue to help with.

Carol Moon
(212) 567-5206
Hi! Not sure how much help I can be, but I'm happy to talk with people. I made 2 trips to N.O. One was spent working in the cat area at Lamar Dixon and I made one trip just to pick up animals and bring them back to the NYC area.

Nikki Morris
Home phone - 704-549-9775
best is cell - 704-564-9911
I would be happy to be an ARNO buddy. Anyone willing to help can call my cell at anytime. I am also trying to get back down there as well.

Isabel Musial
Yes, I can be an ARNO buddy!

Karla Osbeck

Julie Puckett

I'd love to be an ARNO buddy - I have been doing it a little already, through friends of friends who are going to go down.

Sara Ratekin

Dody Riggs
One of my friends is down there now, another hoping to go in Dec. i can't go back, since I brought an old girl home with me (Nola) and she and my 15-yr-old cocker pee all day long...not easy to find petsitters. So, if i can help in any other way let me know.

Anna Rising
425-828-8969 (h) 206-250-4800
I would be happy to be a "Buddy" I will be down in New Orleans (with ARNO) from 11/19-11/25 but can talk to anyone after (or even during) that time. I have nothing but positive things to sy about Jane and the group!

Bettina Rosmarino

Ellie Ross
Can call toll free at 1-866-218-8429
Yes I can be an ARNO Buddy

Valerie Schomburg
I was there for 2 wks about 2 wks ago. Sure wish I could go again:-( I would love to help people with questions.

Lisabeth Skoch AHT/ACO/AB
Portland, Oregon
(cell) 503-317-0349

Janis Slade
Brunswick, GA
912-261-2705 (H)
912-230-2019 (C)
Of course I'll be happy to communicate with all prospective rescuers! Although I've been home for 2 days, I can't get the wonderful folks at ARNO or the things I witnessed there out of my heart and mind. A special hello to Holly, Rob and Corolla; they're three truly exceptional people, and I'm a better person for having the privilege of working amongst them.

Kay Sommer
Would LOVE to help!!

June Towler
(work ? 7am to 2:30pm weekdays Eastern Standard Time)
416-675-1786 ext. 322 (work ? 7am to 2:30pm weekdays Eastern Standard Time)
905-716-3484 (cell after work hours & weekends)
Absolutely yes! I?d be more than happy to help any way I can.

Ann Vanneman
Would love to be a buddy!!!

Sue and Buddy Wehman
843-875-7338 Home
843-708-7840 Cell
Buddy and I will be glad to serve as ARNO Buddys! An amazing experience made possible by amazing people. Wish we could go back!

Catie Wightman
I have not yet traveled to volunteer but I have worked out many kinks in my plans - I will be there on Nov. 24 and return home on NOV 29, i think by now I should be able to answer some questions from people - as i know I had many when I first started making plans If you think you can use me as a buddy go ahead and put me on the site. P.S. My local newspaper is doing an article on my trip to new orleans and I put all of the info for for on there - hopefully it will lead to some donations/volunteers!

Penny Williams
I'd be glad to help!

Marti Wolf
Preparedness and Prevention Unit, Prevention, Assessment and Emergency Response
I would be glad to do what ever I can.

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